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ShipWreck aka Instagram’s latest muse.

So most places in Greece are easily accessible via ferry, shipwreck beach however is not.

With a 12am alarm set to farewell the in-laws we made the journey back to Santorini airport (its small, there is no wifi and pretty much no food- so be prepared). We landed in Athens at 1am where we found comfort in the airport chairs to snooze until 5am where our flight to Zaknothys would find us.

We landed nice and early at 6am and made beeline for Hertz hire a car where we were paired with a black jeep. There are no buses to Shipwreck Island, so unless you do a tour where you are rushed through the views, this is the best option.  It was about an hour of scenic driving from the airport through the winding roads of Zakynthos

Neither of us had really slept, eaten or showered but as soon as we caught sight of the beach from the cliff top all our cravings faded away and we both gasped. It was bloody beautiful! Like nothing I had ever seen before. We soon figured out the easiest way to access the bottom of the beach was via boat, but we were happy to sit and watch it all go by from the top. It was absolutely breathtaking. We walked all over the cliff often stopping for a gasp.

It's not an easy place to get to but it is one worth the ride, that's for damn sure.