Sunrise in Santorini, wearing  Arnhem  

Sunrise in Santorini, wearing Arnhem 

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First stop, Greece

Ever since I was 7 years’ old there was a picture hanging in our kitchen, just next to the fridge (a place I’d often be lingering) of a Santorini Sunset. So it comes as no surprise I always had a yearning to visit. Perhaps it was the connection I made with it and the fridge but it was a place I wanted no...  NEEDED to see in the flesh. We (me and pat) dried our tears after farewelling our boy, Atticus and started the long journey from Adelaide, to Doha, to Athens and then straight onto a third flight to Santorini to land at 6pm into the arms of Pat's parents who happened to be there too.

Rewind 12 weeks to when we had made a pact not to eat pizza or pasta until we were sitting under a hot European sun, so naturally this was the first thing we needed to tick off. We ate pasta, gelato and I tried my first ever Yiros. Yes first ever!

We stayed a 5-minute walk out of Thira with the convenience of a quad bike to get us to the other end of the island, Oia. The people were wonderful, the weather was perfect and the hues of blues and whites was just like the framed picture in our Adelaide kitchen. I felt as though I was in Mary Poppins stepping into the chalk drawings.

Wearing  Camilla

Wearing Camilla

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5 Must Do's

  • Get a quad bike
  • Witness an Ioa sunset
  • Cliff jump at Amoundi Bay
  • Hike from Thira - Oia
  • Eat Gelato; My personal fave was the yogurt and honey.