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Ok, let me just get it out there, I was bored shitless in Rome. And it was at no one’s fault but my own. We have all seen the Lizzie Mcguire movie… haven’t we? Ok maybe not. But most of my Rome knowledge, embarrassingly enough came from a combination of Lizzie Mcguire, Gladiator, the Pepsi add with Beyoncé and maybe 10% what I had learnt in school.  But despite this I was very excited to learn some real history and get to know the ins and outs of the Roman Empire.

Here is where we went wrong, we didn’t do our research on tours and opted to walk 30kms a day to each site and use our finger to imaginarily swipe (yes, like tinder) it off our bucket list. ‘Ok, this is where the pope lives, the line is big, swipe... and gelato time?’

After all the walking and not much learning by the time we reached our destination I was ready for a serving of pasta and a nanna nap.

Rome is amazing, the history is like no other and coming from Australia, a relatively new country, a city like Rome, is a great place to learn and gain an understanding of the triumphs, religion and culture. Don’t be like us, pay extra for a tour guide at the Colosseum, research the Spanish Steps, understand the Trevi Fountain before tossing in a coin, immerse yourself in the rich learnings Roma have to offer.

Sorry Rome, my bad, you deserved better. 


  • Lots of people trying to sell things. 'No, I don't need a selfie stick, I have an Instahubby.'
  • SO. MUCH. WALKING. take them Nikes.
  • Crowded spaces filled with tourists trying to get 'the' selfie.


  • Looks gorge at night.
  • Lots to see.