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Pragser Wildsee

Lake di Braies was one of those places I had seen on Instagram and thought ‘this has got to be Photoshop.’ The water is so blue, the mountains are topped with snow and trees so tall and green.

To get there we hired a car from Venice airport. It’s about a 4-hour drive, first part is pretty much freeway and the rest is gliding through the most stunning Italian scenes of castles, mountains, villages, you name it, we gasped at it. We listened to the Italian radio to get into the spirit and even laughed our way through roadworks. We have all heard the horror stories of driving in Italy but this was a breeze (I say confidently from the passenger seat) and we only drove on the wrong side of the road twice, winning!

The Pragser area is very close to Austria, where the first language is German, followed by Italian and thirdly English, but communication was easy enough and the people were very accommodating and kind. We stayed in a hotel called in Hotel Erika which was 10 mins from Pragser Wildsee, Lago di Braies. It’s a family owned yellow hotel with lots of flower baskets. Breakfast and dinner were both included and by dinner I mean a 5 course traditional menu which had me unbuttoning my jeans after the 2nd course. Hotel Erika is complete with a sauna, spa and possible the comfiest sleep of the trip.

lake diii.jpg
lake diiiii.jpg

So we got to Lake di Braies and we were both speechless. Honestly if you take one thing from this blog I recommend it be this. There is no sufficient way to describe it, go and see it and then we’ll talk. We hired a rowing boat which allows you to take it all in at your own pace, the fresh water lake is a sharp aqua colour that photos do no justice, the mountains are tall and sprinkled in snow and to see woods like this is something so contrasting to Australian landscape that kept us gobsmacked for hours.

We stayed only the one night but having the car enabled us to explore at our own leisure and we cover much ground. The district is not a tourist place which is also great to see school kids with their projects, teenagers eating pizza and families on their bikes. If I could get our dog here, I would never leave.

Pat, if you’re reading this... let’s have a family here. 

(Asshole never reads my blogs- Pat also if you're reading this I washed your shirts with the towels yesterday and we need milk).