We flew from Santorini aka world’s worst airport (after a 7 hour turned to a 28 hour delayed in this teeny tiny no wifi airport you would be bitter too) to Naples. We had organised an airport shuttle to take us straight to our Airbnb in Positano.  We had been warned about driving though the Amalfi coast and how it can be commonly linked to divorce and thought we were better off to pay the 35 euro and watch from the backseat.

Our driver spoke little English but he had a big fat friendly smile and was able to describe his favourite restaurants. We love to pick the brains of locals for tips, tricks and recommendations and with his vote going to Vincenzos, this was the first places we ate anddddd boy was it good. (Pat’s favourite pasta to date.)

Tip: book a table, or don’t- if you do have to wait they give you complimentary wine, while you sit outside overlooking the mediterranean sea. 

Dress by  Kivari  Headscarf by  The Lost Tribe

Dress by Kivari Headscarf by The Lost Tribe

Pat the legend outside our Airbnb 

Pat the legend outside our Airbnb 

We (by we, I mean pat) lugged our cute AF matching American Tourista suitcases to the top of Positano where our Airbnb awaited us. As soon as our host, Salvatore opened the door and showed his lovely face and hand-picked flowers I knew it was love.

This is the Airbnb for you!!! The iPhone no longer has a place in the loo as you will be absolutely captivated by the view while doing your business, the balcony has an equally stunning view if taking cheese and wine into the bathroom is not your desired place to dine.

I’m not going to lie, the journey up from the beach to Salvatore’s Airbnb has what feels like 782 steep steps but as a consolation prize, these stairways lead quite literally to heaven.