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We caught the train from Salerno to Venice which took about 6 hours. We went first class cos we are posh like that… and it was only 15 euro more, with coffee and bread sticks and place to charge your phone.

We had heard many mixed reviews about Venice... ‘it’s busy, its expensive, it sorta smells’ and although we found all of these things to be true we also found a lot of magic in Venice. The maze like alleyways are enchanting, the vibe is contagious and even after hearing poo poo reviews on the food, I had the best gnocchi of my life there.

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The gondola rides converts to 80 Australian dollars for 20 minutes, complete and utter rip off but can you go to Venice and not ride a gondola?? No.


  • Get pasta-go-go, just before sunset, find a place along a canal and let sundown mesmerise you.
  • Have a gander at the fish markets, it smells but it’s authentic.
  • Ride a gondola.
  • Try and learn some Italian, trust me it’s appreciated.
  • Get up at 6am and enjoy the sights without the tourists, it is truly beautiful.


  • Eat in St Mark’s square, where an espresso is 15 euro.
  • Lug your luggage through the crowds of selfie stick enthusiasts packed on the bridge.   
  • Underestimate the coolness of a Venice captain hat.