We were lucky enough to stay at the absolutely wonderful Hotel Villa Franca and it is divine. With a rooftop pool and bar which is quite possibly the best view in Positano, if not Italy, if not the entire world you will have little reason to leave.

The room is full of pristine white touches (think @KirstyFleming), it comes complete with a pillow menu and the shower enables you to choose the pressure- a novelty for us bogans. It is everything you think you need to refresh after some gruelling flights, that is until you hit the breakfast and realise what you need is awaiting you.. in buffet form and you can no longer remember what your boyfriend looks like because your heart now belongings to chocolate filled pastries.

Yes, what you see here is pizza for breakfast.

Yes, what you see here is pizza for breakfast.

They offer a shuttle bus to ease your calves, they book your tours, they give honest recommendations, their restaurant is like nothing else and on departure they give you some perfume to bottle up the scent of their slice of heaven.

If you only take one thing from this post, please let it be BREAKFAST. I cannot stress enough the breakfast was anything but ordinary, in fact, I need to stop calling it breakfast, it was beyond that, it was an abundance of delicious food overlooking the most breathtaking view you have ever laid your lovely eyes on.