Six months later.

The First 6 Months.


HELLO MUM (the only person who occasionally reads my blog). Rosie had sucked away my creativeness and stuffed it in her big chubby cheeks but IM BAAACK.  

So, the other day, I was doing a mums and bubs exercise class. I looked around and thought “what the hell is this life?” I used to be a cool, beach babe but now I literally have a camel toe and a 7 kilo baby strapped to my chest while doing the grapevine to Vengaboys. A part of me was whispering ‘you’re too cool for this shit, leave my friend, walk out and get your hair done’ but I then shushed my ego, let go of my reservations and somewhat shook my booty and in a nutshell that’s pretty much my perspective on the first 6 months of parenting.

Before Rosie, I would roll my eyes at mother’s posts “I can’t believe it’s been 6 months since you became earth-side, where has the time gone” well shit Sharon I can believe it, you’ve shared a photo of your kid twice a day for 182 days and to be completely honest I’m not sure I know what earth-side means. But it really is true, I am now a ‘Sharon’ and I shouldn’t have rolled my eyes. Time indescribably flies with babies and I am well aware these days will be the ones I will forever wish back.

IMG_8622 (1).jpg

The last 6 months I have felt more myself than ever before. Bear has taught me a lot about perspective, a lot about friendships and a lot about time. I delayed having a baby because I assumed it would mean my ‘life’ would be over, yet as cliché as it sounds I am going to hit it, MY LIFE HAS JUST BEGUN (hell yeah there’s a tattoo waiting to be inked on the bottom of my spine). 

There are days where I go to brunch with a nice coral lippy, a bouncy blow dried head, flossed teeth and have matched my bag to Rosie’s headband. But other days I get a glimpse of my armpit and wonder when I became such an active feminist. Recently at baby sensory somebody asked me how old my daughter was, and I literally didn’t answer. Possibly the morning after a rough night but the truth is I’m still struggling to believe I am a real life mum (a rude one at that, sorry for the lack of response Claire, Rosie is 6 months). It was the first time someone referred to her as my ‘daughter’ and I dismissed it, assuming she was talking to an actual ‘mature-type’ adult- not a (former) beach babe.

So yeah, I have my moments and am still trying to figure out the stuff I thought all mums knew… like how to fold the fitted sheets neatly, have crisp white clothes and understand stamp duty but to be frank, this right here, right now is the best I have ever felt. Rosie has the most contagious energy and it’s hard to feel anything but grateful when she is around. She has made my relationship with Pat stronger, given me appreciation for my own mum and showcased how bad it can be to miss bin day. I am just going to continue to take each day as it comes, some I will nail and others I won’t, and if I could give a piece of advice to myself this time last year, it’d be something like ”‘you’ll be right darl and yes Kylie Jenner is pregnant”

Cheers to 6 months Rosie Bear, you truly are nothing but pure sunshine. Thank you for a wonderful introduction into motherhood my girl, you will always be my heart and soul.


Rosie’s Routine:

I am pretty reluctant to ever answer these questions as it’s the blind leading the blind but here goes; I try to remain flexible and generally I have 3 daily rules.

1.     7:00 wake up

2.     Outside walk

3.     Read 3 books.


In a nutshell our day looks like this: 

7:30am Up. Feed, Dress. Brekky, blast music and shake booty while the kettle boils, Walk (if weather permits)

8:45am Rosie cat naps for about 45mins

9:30am Feed, change, outing, whether it’s a play date, the shops, baby activity whatever.

11:30am Home and Rosie has her big nap and I try to reply to emails, clean the house, throw Atti’s rope

2:00pm Feed, change, play, read, outing

4:00pm Rosie will have another cat nap for about an hour

5:00pm Feed, change, PLAY, dinner

7:00pm Bath/massage

7:30pm Feed, change, bed

3:00am Sometimes she’ll wake for a feed sometimes she sleeps through.

5:00am Feed back to bed until 7:30

Please- rest assured it doesn’t always run like this.. somedays I don’t even shower.

Hospital bag:

I get asked this all the time, I never opened my bag- we were in and out but I was given a list from the hospital and I followed that.

Newborn Essentials:

*disclaimer * the only essential a newborn needs is love- the other stuff is just sprinkles on a sundae to make things easier.. these sprinkles have all been linked :)

Breast Pumps: I am really happy with my double MAMMA breast pump, it’s quiet and simple and lovely. I also have the Haakaa hand pump which catches the let down from the boob the baby isn’t feeding from- I have found this helpful and much less disheartening than filling breast pads with liquid gold.

Pram: I have the Redsbaby Jive, which I am also loving. It is compact, light and is easy to manoeuvre.  It’s made for Australian conditions and goes alright on most surfaces. Over the Christmas shopping hustle, I managed to only hit the one mans heels while browsing in the Bodyshop – a shop clearly made for ants.


Snuggle me organic lounger- this one may have you folk divided. I always supervise her when using it, and she has never slept overnight in it as doesn’t align with SIDs guidelines. Yet, I found it to be helpful especially in the early days when I was learning how to juggle it all, I could put her in there and knew it would feel like a relaxing hug. They sleep so much at first, and she seemed to find comfort in it.

Baby bag- love this shit out of my ALF baby bag. Plus, it converts to a backpack. I also like to rub the fury bit and pretend it is my dog. (ok that was a peculiar thing to say)  

HelloFresh- I signed up for HelloFresh after the meals from family stopped coming (assholes). I had Rosie in peak winter and sometimes the idea of facing the shops in the freezing cold torrential rain with a newborn was pretty daunting so having everything I needed for a balanced meal helped me to relax. I still do hellofresh, I get the vego box and add meat if I fancy it, it sets me back $65 a week.

 Ergo carrier – also love this. When I was pregnant I saw a kid sitting in a Coles trolley sneeze into his hand, lick his palm and then smear it all over the trolley chair. I am not a germophob but hell no. I was not putting my angel face in that anytime soon. I wear my ergo when food shopping, hiking, day outings and when she is being a stage 5 clinger.

Family and Friends – End of the day, you can tick off every little item off every Pinterest list but what you need is support and a couple of pats on the back. All those little souls need is love and milk.

 thank you come again.