Summer, it's a yes from me.

If you’re anything like me, just a taste of summer has your mouth frothing for more. It’s all about the mangos on the side of the road, the balmy cider filled nights (without the runs that often come with ciders). Its hair lightened by the sun, the impressive yet safe golden tan, it’s the excruciating pain of the dreaded seatbelt burn, the crash bandicoot type hot sand, it’s all of it. I love it all.

And lately I’ve had tastes of it but Adelaide, like 55 year old man, just can’t seem to get there. So here, in pictures is my summer inspo. 


The Atticus Files.

I remember the pure excitement I felt when I first laid eyes on Jessie. Her eyes had spots of green, her nose was always wet and her face so happy to see my big sister and I. She was my first and what I thought would be my last four legged love. I was 8 years old when Jess entered my world, and 19 when she had to leave. Coming home from work that day without the greets of slobbery licks, German Shepherd bounces or the trail of hair she usually left on my on clothes was my first taste of devastation. I know what you’re thinking, 19 years of life and this was the saddest part? Well I admit, I hadn’t lost much other than the odd USB and a bunch of bobby pins. But losing Jessie was something else. And that’s when I swore it. I’d never fall for a dog again.

Ask my friend Anna, she’ll tell you whenever her demon Dalmatian, Daisy comes anywhere near me I scream bloody murder.  They just weren’t my thing anymore. They are a bit smelly, often messy, and have no concept of personal space. But as I grew older the longing for 4 extra legs around the house became stronger and had me often scrolling dogzguide, or dropping subtle hints to Pat.

“Nicola, I’m not buying you a 5grand French bulldog! We could fly to France twice over for that” ..the boy had a point. So I lowered my puppy standards and had a search on trading post. And that when I found my new best friend. Sorta like a tinder meeting, but much, much more love.

He is now a 6 month old, always hungry, very curious Beaglier. His name is Atticus. Which fits perfectly into nearly every song or phase, “Atticus, give me a ATTIKISS’ ‘Why you so sporATTICUS?” “Patrick and Atticus = PATTICUS” you get the idea. Anyway he stole my heart, and I don’t think he is giving it back anytime soon.